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Diamond drilling service

Diamond drilling service Nordicvent

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Before ordering diamond drilling, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • Diamond drilling service is provided mainly in Estonia.
  • Do you have the required building design documentation or building permit for the works?
  • Is there sufficient working space at the construction site for diamond drilling works?
  • Is there a chance that the drilling of the planned opening will damage utility lines (power cables, piping) located beneath the surface being drilled?
  • Is there a chance that the noise, rinse water or dust from the diamond drilling works may damage the construction site or its immediate surroundings?
  • Is the site equipped with a sufficiently powerful electrical connection (at least 16 A)?
  • Is there pressurised water available at the construction site to cool the diamond drills?
  • How to prevent access by third parties to the construction site, to ensure work safety?
  • How to dispose of the waste created by diamond drilling works?

Special conditions for diamond drilling:

  • The cost of diamond drilling in structures which contain reinforcements with a diameter exceeding 12 mm or a distance of less than 150 mm is 20-100% more expensive.
  • The price of hourly work (lancing, wrapping in film, cleaning) is EUR 18 per hour.
  • Dry or angle drilling / sawing is 30% more
  • Wet vac. at the construction site costs EUR 12 per day.
  • For working at a height above 2.5 m the customer shall provide either scaffolding or a lift.
  • The contracting entity ensures access to openings, their marking, and water and electricity on the construction site.
  • Transport fee outside of Tallinn is EUR 0.65 per km + the travel rate of EUR 20 per hour for labourers.
  • Wait-rate costs EUR 18 per hour for diamond drilling.
  • Minimum fee for diamond drilling is EUR 75.

Where is diamond drilling used?

Diamond drilling is used in the construction sector to drill holes in base materials (for example reinforced concrete, bricks, blocks, etc.) openings for ventilation, cooling, sewerage and other uses.

Dust and water?

Water is used during diamond drilling to direct dust away and cool diamond drills, although dry drilling is also possible. To avoid water and dust damage, construction sites can be covered with plastic and the water directed away. Dry drilling ensures that water does not enter the wall or floor constructions. Drills wear out faster during dry drilling; the price for the dry drilling service is therefore 30% higher.

Price List
Diameter (mm)Floor €/cmWall €/cm
  • Value added tax of 20% will be added to the price.
  • In the case of larger diamond drilling works, we will make a special proposal as to the amount of the fee.