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Ventilation design service

Ventilatsioonisüsteemide projekteerimine. Nordicvent

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Ventilation design service. 

Every construction object is unique, which means that we always take the needs of the customer into consideration when preparing a ventilation system project. Our strong design unit uses AutoCAD design software. This permits well-thought-out, financially attractive and high quality solutions to be prepared for the contracting entity. We are able to offer design solutions for apartment buildings, large kitchens and other industrial buildings.

Why is a ventilation design necessary?

A ventilation design project is needed in order to build a properly functioning ventilation system. It ensures the required level of air exchange and a healthy indoor climate for rooms. A correctly prepared project gives the contracting entity and the builder a good overview of the extent and cost of ventilation works, saving everyone time.

Clean air, healty indoor climate and energy savings?

It is the obvious wish of every builder to provide clean air, a good indoor climate and energy savings in a building, since we are spending an ever increasing amount of time indoors. The houses being built today are increasingly air tight, which means that buildings must also breathe to prevent damage from humidity and mould. The fulfilment of this goal begins with the ventilation project, in which the necessary materials and equipment are precisely specified. The used materials and equipment are utmost important. Along with other factors a good ventilation project takes into consideration the special needs of the users of rooms. A healthy indoor climate is a natural part of a correctly built contemporary residential building.

Ventilation system design service for
Apartment buildings
Commerce and industrial buildings
Office and warehouse buildings
Large kitchens / catering
Local extraction systems of exhaust gases
Accommodation establishments
Special purpose ventilation systems
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